Friday Wrap-Up–Bullet points

  • It’s cold and has snowed here, common myth (at least in my house) is that it will snow the # of times that corresponds with the first snow. It snowed on the 30th (It’s going to be a long winter).
  • We’re battling with heating bills, not sure if the furnace isn’t working right, or what.
  • Matt’s working on the house again tomorrow, he invited his buddy and family over to help.
  • Thus, I spent the whole day today cleaning the house for guests. Fun.
  • Then I made a pork roast so we could ‘stop’ work and grab a bbq sandwich and get back to work. Apparently ‘they’ had already made lunch plans to go OUT. Yeah, so I can see about 2 hours of work getting done tomorrow. Lovely. Glad I was informed before I went to the trouble. Men.
  • I normally send out about 20 and I have 50 free cards, so if you want a cute picture of a kid from miles away, well I’ve got a whole card full of them with updates about our year!
  • I’m hosting Fun Monday on Mondays in the month of December, feel free to play along!
  • Sunday will be football day, and perhaps a day for my hubby to do his homework. I hope. Also, church, but that’s a given, unless we’re sick. Or too lazy.
  • Perhaps it will also be a ‘decorating’ day! I hope! So far we have mistletoe, which has led to a lot of kisses, but not much else.
  • Get your minds out of the gutter.
  • I’m 99% done with my Christmas shopping. I need to dig out the stockings and figure out what to ‘stuff’ them with.
  • My daughter is licking the walls of her bedroom when she’s supposed to be napping. I know it’s probably because she’s not tired yet, but I’m tired of her. I know that’s patently awful to say, but she’s a TWO year old. I feel like all I say is ‘don’t touch that’, ‘get out of there’, ‘NO I Just CLEANED that’ and so on. I’m tired of my own voice after lunch and just want some peace and quiet.

(note I pulled her crib away from the wall so she couldn’t lick it)

peace and quiet sponsored by Sesame Street, the letters P and Q (mind them) and the number zero as in SHHHH!

  • I’ve been wearing my husband’s work sponsored pedometer. It works a lot better than the $5 cheapy I got from Wal-Mart a few years ago. I’ve been trying to get over 5,000 steps a day and working towards 10,000. I’m at 9296 today, not bad. Cleaning will do that.
  • I’m getting some more Flings bins for my holiday party (gratis) and apparently convinced them to also donate some to the Salvation Army Angel Tree program that I worked with last year to hold wrapping paper and such while they are wrapping. Cool, right? We’ll see how that goes!
  • My daughter’s felt food production is going pretty well. I’m kind of at a standstill, I’m not sure else what to make. Please enter your suggestions in the comments. So far we have: A roast turkey with removable drumsticks, 2 pretzels, 2 slices of bread, 2 slices of cheese (cheddar and swiss), a piece of lunchmeat ham, 5 carrots (anyone have anything they want to trade carrots for?), 11 assorted fruit wedges/slices, 4 apple wedges that velcro together (thinking I need a fifth to round it out), 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, a strawberry, an apricot, 4 cookies and I have 4 wooden eggs-purchased, not made. So… suggestions?
  • I’ve made 5 weeks of cookies and have 3 weeks to go. I’m thinking gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, and ? I also need to make 2 kinds of fudge, chex mix and muddy buddies, rice krispie treats… and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee…
  • I now have 7 GFC ‘friends’ YEAH! Thanks for humoring me.
  • I think I’m out of bullet points and need to go do something for myself! Have a good weekend everyone, and remember, I’m blogging every day for December and the rest of the year too, hopefully, so come back and visit often!

Okay fine, a picture, then! These felt food pretzels are of my own design.

Pretzel twists!

Okay a kid picture.. you’ve twisted my arm like I twisted the pretzels… 😉

"Put your tongue back in your mouth" - It does no good.

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  1. Heating bills aren’t fun – even in Florida! You’d be amazed at how many houses here aren’t insulated. Mine has great attic insulation but none beneath the house! And I think the wall insulation is minimal. Most of the older houses were built to be cool since hot weather is our dominant temperature setting. But it does get cold, below freezing, quite a bit and these old houses get COLD!

    How about a hamburger? Buns, meat, lettuce, tomato slice… Put some sesame seeds on those buns!!!

    I’d say yes to the Christmas card – but I can’t guarantee that I’d get one back to you! I am notoriously bad at getting the cards out. Just ask my family!

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