Fun Monday: Beauty products

Julie at another chance ranch is hosting this week for Fun Monday (and next week, too!) before I take over. I’ll post some topics in the next few days for December! Her topic this week is: What is your favorite beauty product? Why?

Anyone who has seen pictures of me.. well you know I don’t wear much make-up. If I feel like I must, I put on a tiny bit of blush (a bit of foundation in the winter if I look really pale), mascara (top lashes only), and some eye shadow. Very minimal. It takes about 5 minutes, if that.

So I guess my favorite product is my Dove Facial Lotion. It’s very inexpensive, it has sunscreen in it, and I use it daily post shower to keep dry skin at bay and hopefully wrinkles, too.


  1. My friend Sally is a Dove girl and like you uses very little makeup. I like makeup spare and clean myself.

    Good luck with your hosting Thanksgiving later this week, Jill. I’m sure your dinner will be a great success.

  2. You are a woman after my own heart. I wonder about people who spend so much time on makeup every day – If I can’t do it in 5 minutes, I skip it!

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