50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly!

I have been wanting to make photo cards to send to all our friends and relatives for a few years. I never have known where to get them from, or how to do it, and as a busy mom, taking that extra step was just too hard with a newborn, and then a 1 year old who was getting into everything. Then, I heard from a blog friend of mine about her experience with Shutterfly’s Holiday Card promotion! She told me I could get 50 free cards to try the service out. I’m so excited! I usually buy Christmas cards the year before on sale, and/or make my own from generic cards and be all crafty, but this year, I can send real, beautiful photo cards to show off how much my girl has grown. Now I just have to decide which of the beautiful greeting cards to send out! They are all beautiful and there really is something for everyone! I see at least a dozen that I’d love to send out, but I’ll have to narrow down my choices a bit!

I am thinking that I will use the 5×7 folded cards, because then I can slide a ‘family letter’ into the inside! Then I have to pick the right pictures to add to the card to represent how our family has changed in the last year. From a crawling baby to a running, gabbing, alphabet knowing big kid!

Come to think of it, a calendar might be a better way to express how much she has changed!

If you’re a blogger, too, and you want 50 free cards, click this link! This is a great promotion, and I can’t wait to share with all my friends and family!

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