All they want for Christmas, I can’t pronounce

What is Five Finger Death Punch? UFC gloves? At least some of the kids asked for things like snow boots, orange soda, and jeans.

When I mentioned that the kids didn’t want to hang around their boring stay at home aunt anymore so I didnt know what they wanted, my SIL said it was funny but true. Gee, thanks.

Glad to know I’m boring. I was just kidding. Apparently, she wasn’t.

I detest gift cards. You never know if they use them or just toss them out.

Then again, it’s like the time we spent $75 apiece on REALLY nice ‘off brand’ ipods, tons of storage, the ones that do video, etc. The next year they all had new ipods. Not any better, mind you, just the ipod name. All I have is a 6 year old shuffle with no display. Think it’d be wrong to ask for one of their nice players back since they didn’t even use them a whole year? By the way, we preloaded them with several hundred songs of everything from the Beatles to Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift to Simon and Garfunkel and Billy Joel. New stuff, old stuff, really old stuff, classics, rock, pop, country, you name a style, there was something on there you would like. Too bad it wasn’t good enough. I put a lot of time into doing the lists and all that, kind of like passing the musical torch down, here’s some good stuff your parents don’t listen to, and.. yeah.. whatever. Like I said, they didn’t care.

If someone had done that for me, I’d have died and gone to heaven. I guess it’s just one more piece of junk for today’s kids. It’s sad.

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