So I’m sitting, listening to this beautifully choreographed children’s choir sing. But something irks me. These are 6-12 year old kids. They are putting on shows God knows how many times a week, praising the Lord, staying with strangers, and taking a sack lunch with them the next day on their bus..

So even though it was very nice music, it still floored me a little bit.

See, these kids are from Africa. Uganda. Orphaned by HIV/AIDS for the most part. No one could take care of them, so this organization took them in. These kids preach Jesus like I used to feel it, from the heart.

Now I’m so cautious about what I say and do. It was a lot simpler when I wasn’t jaded. I was sitting there, thinking about how sad it was that they were away from the people who they were currently calling family, having lost their original ones to war or disease.

I felt blessed. To live in America. To have freedoms that mean my child doesn’t have to worry. She will be taken care of no matter what. She won’t have to promote an orphanage on tour in order to get care for family members.

It’s sad. I wish I could be more in depth about this, but I’m exhausted.

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