Fun Monday: Show your monster faces

Faye is the ever present hostess for Fun Monday in October! Please visit her link and see who else is playing along this week! The topic is: Let’s celebrate Halloween and the pleasures of dressing up by sharing costumes. If you are going to a Halloween–or other costume–party, who would you like to be? I hear Lady Gaga is a front runner this year. Now don’t hesitate to play because you’re not partying this year. If you were going to dress up, who or what would you be? Or, if you want to share photos of your resident small goblins, that’s great too!

I don’t enjoy buying costumes. If it isn’t something I can wear over and over again.. nah forget it! Which is probably why my daughter last year wore a hooded sweatshirt as her costume. People loved it. It was $10 and she’s still wearing it this fall.

Ti-juh! Well, it's how she'd say it now anyway!

Based on the success of last year, I plan on doing something similar. She will be the ‘pick of the patch’ this year, riding in her wagon along with some pumpkins. She’ll be the prize one! I am using pumpkin babylegs for her arms and legs, and a plain white tshirt (all of$1 that she wore all summer) is properly painted with a patch of jack o’ lantern faces and the ‘pick of the patch’ slogan written around it. Top it off with an orange hat with a touch o’ green on the top and you have the cutest pumpkin ever! No wonder she’s the pick! Can you tell we like orange around here?

Loving the warm weather this October, showing off the dipe and the costume!

Oh by the way, I’d probably be a cowgirl. I have a hat, boots, a belt, jeans. Just need a horse. Wait, my daughter just got a stick horse for her birthday. Got that covered, too! Ha! Now please scroll down for more cuteness!


  1. How cute! I love tigger – and it’s just the right color! My mom used to put together costumes like that and they were always a hit.

  2. cute costume… I think the home made ones are the best. she is a cutest in the pumpkin patch! thanks for sharing and happy fun Monday

  3. For sure that little pick of the patch would get tricks if she came to my house. And I’m thinking that those homemade costumes would be ever so much more comfy. Plus–good to wear later on.

  4. Can’t believe your baby girl is 2! Birthday hugs to her!! Lucky she is still getting some wear out of her hoody! I like the idea of being a cow girl. There is something so cool about wearing boots and a hat!

  5. Your daughter is adorable as always. Does she ever wear pants? All I ever see her in are the cute little diapers. I just wondered.

    2 is an exciting age. Just wait for the tantrums that are around the bend somewhere as she gains her independence. I would say embrace them and enjoy it, but it is really brace yourself!!

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