Fun Monday: Why do it now when you can do it later?

That’s right, Fun Monday’s topic for October 18 according to Faye at Summit Musings: We all do it. Procrastinate, that is.  I want you to share your three favorite ways of procrastinating. And if you’ve figured out exactly WHY you procrastinate, could you share the secret with the rest of us?!

Okay, first I can answer as to why people procrastinate. In the words of Dr. Phil ‘how’s it working for you?’ — people don’t do anything without some sort of incentive/benefit. Procrastination feels good. It can make your brain ramp up and work hard, making you bust out some of your best and most creative work, because it is under so much pressure!  It’s not only the slackers that procrastinate either. Some of my best friends are terrible procrastinators. Super intelligent ‘honor’ students. I think they know the secret. Some people can make it ‘work for them’ and some can’t. When you can, it’s bragging rights, endorphins, and exhaustion! I used to buy taffy and a giant diet pepsi the nights I needed to write a paper or do a bunch of homework. The college cafeteria in the upperclassmen hall was open again after dinner hour until 10 pm! I was motivated by the sugar in ways I could not have been during stuffy afternoon hours!

Okay, I never figured out if we were supposed to tell what we were putting off (chores) or if we were supposed to tell what we did WHILE procrastinating–I think I like the latter, better. Apparently today is my Monday, so here goes:

 1. Read
2. Play with my kid
3. Cruise the internet

I read because I need my brain to engage in something. I play with my kid because it’s fun and quite frankly, she and I both need it. I cruise the internet because it’s my only way of communicating with other people on a regular basis.

Okay and top 3 things I put off:

1. Dishes
2. anything to do with cleaning the floors
3. cleaning the bathrooms

Now I will remind you that whenever anyone comes over, I clean all the necessities and spaz out over it, so… you know, it IS clean. Then again, I literally see NO POINT in sweeping up crumbs and mopping in the middle of the day when 10 minutes later, milk, cheerios, yogurt, or something else splattery is going to hit the floor. I put off dishes in order to get a big batch to clean at once and not run a ton of water. Bathrooms rarely get ‘that dirty’ around here with just the 3 of us.


  1. I’m with you on the floors!!! I don’t have a splattery baby, but I do have a somewhat clumsy 11 year old. Crumbs, dribbles of milk (from pouring), dirt in his shoes…. I also have a man who doesn’t see well – leaves water everywhere! I guess because it’s transparent, he doesn’t realize he’s left it everywhere. Then there’s DOGS. Drooly, sandy, sheddy dogs. I don’t worry about my floors much. The carpets are all going soon anyway as is the kitchen floor. I figure a couple of times a week will do. It’s not worth tearing my hair out over.

    I have a dishwasher, so we just rinse the big stuff off and put it in there. Dishes are kind of a no-brainer at my house.

    Love your distractions… especially playing with your girl. Treasure that because it won’t last forever!

  2. Hi Jill! Got you on the “check out” list. And you’re right, some people just thrive on living on the edge and putting off what needs to be done. I think it’s a delicious habit. As for the everyday stuff we need to do–just have to figure out what’s worth doing (clean laundry) and ignore the other stuff.

    BTW, I read your previous post about being “home alone” so much lately. It’s probably harder at this time of the year because the weather is so grand. You feel like you should be out enjoying everything instead of being ruled by a two year old. In the winter time it’s probably not so bad to be inside and cozy. I hope things improve for you soon and you get a break.

  3. I used to hate doing the dishes. Now, I do not mind so much. Playing with the kid is so much more important than menial chores. The chores will wait until you are ready. The kids grow up before you know it.

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