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Month.. how many now..

This is what almost made me NOT want to have kids. Seriously. Potty training. Not the up all night, sore breasts, or endless laundry. No. Potty training.

We started out with every 1.5 hours trying to catch something. Nothing. For a whole MONTH. Then all the sudden, we had a tinkle. Yeah! Then a couple! Then a #2. We were doing great. Everyone was excited!


Yeah. That tanked it. I think that was in June. Now in October, we’re finally over the screaming when approaching the bathroom for the most part. Yesterday I got a #2, followed by a 2 hour trip to town staying dry, and then a tinkle! Then nothing the rest of the day. She refused to go. Then she went for dad when he came home. I guess that’s a victory. If she’s not done by Christmas, when my husband has 2 weeks off, we’re tanking the diapers and going with underwear. I pray that works. It’s not that I mind the diapers, I really don’t. It’s the fight that bothers me.

Oh and the hands that sneak into the diaper and try and play with the poop. God, who does that? I thought that was for young infants interested in playing with texture. I’m trying not to worry about it, and just keeping pants on her more, which is sad, because her fluffy butt is cute, you know? It is getting colder, though, and we have enough cute butt pics to last a lifetime, I suppose.

ps I don’t want to hear how your kid trained at 18 month or how easy it was. Nor do I really want advice at this point. I think advice is what caused all the trouble we had in the first place. I swore I would never push her to do anything. She crawled, smiled, walked, stood up, laughed, all on her own. I’ve had so much pressure to get her trained by 22 months, or 2. Apparently, just like everything else, she’s going to take her time.


  1. What a cute toilet seat! We tried a potty chair when the boy was really little, but after a bit, he preferred the big one. You’re doing fine, Jill – Keeley will do everything in her own time, no matter what, so relax!

    Sure is cute!

  2. Not giving advice. All kids do it when they are ready. I was blessed in that Sophia was in daycare and the teacher did the whole class at the same time, it was called potty training boot camp. We were instructed to bring panties and plenty of changes of clothes and to follow thru at home with the same routine. I spent a weekend of cleaning messes and it was done. I gave her daycare teacher a $100 gift card once Sophia was accident free for a month. I would love to take the credit and say it was easy. It wasn’t me and what I did was kinda easy, but the hard work I so credit to her teacher. Good Luck! She will do it, she won’t be going to pre-k in diapers I promise! No Stress!

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