Monster face your kid’s plate

Yeah, that’s probably just as weird as you think it sounds. I am serious, though. What kid doesn’t like something created just for them? Or adult for that matter? Now that we’re getting into ghoul and goblin season, slapping food onto my kid’s plate just doesn’t feel right. This takes a spin off of Muffin Tin Monday, where moms pile tempting items into muffin tins–I suspect to not only keep it separate, so nothing touches, but also to add unique flair to their kid’s lunches–they often have themes that they follow.

Here’s an example:

I'm going to eat all of you, because you are sooo pretty!I mean scary!

I like giving my little rugrat a reason to enjoy her food. Sometimes I cut some lunchmeat into shapes. Sometimes I affix food into complicated faces like the one above. Sometimes I add things that I know she will eat, in hopes of conning her into eating the rest. The plate above, she ate the ketchup off of the eyeballs, but she ate one bite of potato. She ate the candy corn first, followed by the rest of the jello–it has fruit in it! She probably ate half the lunch meat. If it had been ham, she probably would have eaten all of it. She likes ham. I digress. Since it is October, and it is ‘monster season’, go ahead and monster face your kid’s plate.

Ideas: spaghetti for long hair on an older kid’s plate, veggie mustache, squirt of barbeque or other sauces to dip in for a smile face–or dripping fangs for an older kid, break an oreo in half for the eyes, bits of cheese for monster ‘teeth’. You may find your child asking for more instead of pushing away a half empty plate. Then again, even if they do, it sure was fun, wasn’t it?

Now once monster season is over, don’t get upset! Feel free to jazz up your plates in anyway you see fit. That’s right, monster face your own plate if you want! Isn’t it more fun than just eating a plain sandwich if it has toothpick and olive eyeballs sticking out the top? Alright, you get the picture.

If you do this, please let me know! I’d love to see pictures!

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