Fun Monday: What’s on the fridge?

Faye, from Summit Musings, is today’s Fun Monday hostess (and the rest of October)! She wants us to:

Fridge Blogs -In most homes the refrigerator door is not only decorated, it’s also the family communications center with calendars, photos, announcements, reminders and, if you’re lucky, some art work from a budding Picasso. Fridge blogs are a form of family communication that most of us have used for years and are still not willing to give up in favor of technology.

Your assignment for October 11 is to share a photo of your refrigerator door. What do you have displayed on it? What does this focal point of your kitchen say about you and your family?

Magnets, kid art, learning

This is the decorated side(s) of my fridge.  The front (left) part of the photo includes kid art–an apple tree made of little hands and covered with stickers. This was from the September toddler time at a nearby library. It was all about apples. One of Keeley’s favorites. Up there also are coupons for a local Mexican restaurant, waiting for us to actually go in and not order take out. An apple is below, and 2 lists. The magnets on the front right now are 2 ghosts and some of my baby shower ‘umbrellas’ that I painted to give out to people who came to my showers. I have a few left.

The right side of the photo and the side of the fridge that faces the dining room has a bunch of magnets and just a few items. The upper left most is a magnet with a bunch of different faces showing ‘expressions’. There’s a little square indicator where you can select your current ‘face’. The first week we were here was on ‘ecstatic’, and then it moved back to its permanent ‘exhausted’ home. An airplane magnet holding a picture, more umbrella magnets, some magnets I made from little felt teddy bears that were stuck to one of Keeley’s baby gift bags, and some plain colored circles. You might ask, okay, I get the bears and the umbrellas, but what is with the circles? It’s simple. They are an easy, useful, and effective learning tool. Where is the green circle? Which one is blue? Can you show me the red circle? What color circle are you holding? I picked six basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Then we’ll count them. Say one, two, no, two, three, four.. see? Notice the bunny, which I painted, the sandals, which my husband’s sister did with nail polish and craft foam of all things, a kitchen timer. There’s a church bulletin, bible verse stuff, and a postcard from the church nursery the first week that we went (actually it came to Keeley), encouraging her to come back. Awesome.

I wouldn’t say this is our epicenter, we rely on our computers way more than this, but I definitely do use my fridge as a ‘perma’ holder. Something for display, and reminders. We used to have a ‘white board’ on the other side, but it fell and stuck together, and tore. Bummer. I used it to make grocery lists or write silly notes on. Didn’t have to feel bad about wasting paper that way. Now I just recycle my grocery lists!

I guess that’s all. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Smart mama to use fun, colorful items that stay on the fridge as a learning center for K since I suspect she’s in the kitchen with you a lot! And smart nursery school to send her her own postcard. I knew a little boy once whose mother let him walk with her down the driveway to collect the mail. He got the junk mail as his very own “letters”. So proud.

  2. I need one of those expression wheels!!!! When Z was little, we had those magnetized alphabet letters so he could make up words and sound them out.

  3. my fridge looks so messy compared to yours! I have tons of suff that threatens to fall off if you open it…..helps with my diet! 😉

  4. I love the idea of the colored circles…what a great learning tool. what did we ever do before all the magnet art out there!

  5. Ah yes, my refrigerator once looked similar to yours with the learning magnets and kid art, but as my kids have gotten older, I now display the weekly schedule so they can see it at-a-glance on a daily basis.

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