Bum Genius artists series

Well, we’ve been waiting a while and now we know what the ‘artist series’ is all about. Please click the button if you are interested in taking a closer look and/or making a purchase. I get nothing out of it!

I will flat out tell you, I am NOT wild about these prints. They are just not ‘right’ for a non-citified middle American, get the least expensive, but cute thing you can, and only sparingly, woman like me. If I pay $20 for ANYTHING for me, it’s well, it’s most likely shoes and I’m mad that I paid that much. The last pants I have bought for $19, $10, $10, $7, and $4 respectively for myself. I buy things on sale, we live in the boonies and our kid likes to roll in the dirt. I feel like these prints don’t ‘belie’ the area in which they were created. Saint Lois, folks, not Paris, not New York, not the African jungle.

Basically, I was hoping for: owls or other nature things, tractors or trucks, animals, and so on. Nothing ‘licensed’ like Mickey Mouse or anything.

I also didn’t expect them to cost more. Not sure why, I guess because the regular 4.0 didn’t cost any more than the 3.0.

However, I am VERY glad this #1 this is an artist’s series, which means there will be more, #2 that the people from BG are doing surveys to see what people think, and #3 that I’m not currently pregnant and facing 9 months of.. ugh, I don’t want to buy those prints, but I’m bored with the same colors we had before. You know?

Would I take one of these? Yes, because I want to try a 4.0 and see how they work on my toddler. Just a thing, you know, in case we ever need to buy more diapers, then I’d know how they work and whether to fix my old ones when they wear out, or save to invest in some new ones. Unlike some of the other print diapers I have, these aren’t supposed to wick, which is awesome. So, there are good points, for sure.

All in all, prints don’t grab me in a good way, but feel hopeful about new prints and bright colors coming back! Yeah!

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