Fun Monday: Photo Frenzy

I’m afraid I’m flaking out a little bit this week. Not only am I late, but I forgot to sign up, AND I’m not prepared. As in I didn’t go looking for a timeless photo. Let me tell you about a couple of photos I remember before I post anything.

I have an awesome black and white photo of my old dog, Beau, sitting in an old recliner on my parents front porch. It was dragged out of the house to make room for a new one, and he, being, him, took it that it was his new curling up spot. An 85 lb golden retriever/lab cross curling up spot. Hilarious. While he was merely resting, he also looked a little sad.

Another favorite of mine is always the pictures of my brothers and I, usually on Easter morning, standing side by side before going to church. In one of them, or maybe 2, I’m carrying a little puppy dog purse, with furry ears and a hard plastic handle made for easy carrying by chubby fingers. I wish I had one of those for my little girl in a couple of years. I’ll have to think on how one would make such a thing.

Rarely did we have a full family photo taken that wasn’t at church. During those we were always laughing at the 2 bit guy they hire to take the pictures. Not very staid, but clearly shows our personalities. What I really wish that I had was a photo of my husband and I when I was pregnant. Not once in 9 months did we ever capture a photo. My aunt got one, I think, when we visited them in NC, but I haven’t seen it. I wish I could, because it would mean a lot to have a photo with the 2 of us in it, frozen in time. Before.

Now, my family seems to rotate around my little girl anymore. Duh. We have exactly 3 family photos, and I think I have all of them on the computer, so I will try and find them. 1 in the hospital where we set a timer, 2 at Christmas in front of the tree with Keeley teeny tiny, and 3, one this fall from a few days ago. In none of them do I look even slightly awesome. Why is it that I’m SOOO unphotogenic? Ah well, if that’s my biggest curse, I guess I will deal with it. (Note: I know it’s not my biggest curse, but what else can I say?) Excuse me while I look, please whistle dixie or something while I look.

First family photo

First Christmas

Oh my God there are, wait for it.. FOUR! Here’s one I had forgotten about!

Under arbor where married, 8 years later

 Maybe this is my favorite. It shows the 3 of us. In our proper place. Our home, our land, our life as it is now.

Fall 2010

Please feel free to scroll down, check out anything else I might have written and comment. I’m having some trouble with the blog and hope to figure it out before too long and get it ironed out so everything goes smoothly in December!


  1. It’s not perfect hair or thinner bodies or even teeth that make family photographs beautiful. Those things are necessary if you happen to be a fashion model, but no one thinks of them as anything BUT perfect hair, thin bodies and even teeth. THESE photos are beautiful because they show love. And a family that was built by you and your husband. The smiles on your faces are there because you’re together – and THAT is what counts.

  2. Hello Jill. Your new blog looks great! I too had a hard time choosing just one favorite family photo. You have certainly captured some great memories of the early years of your family. You will have so many more memories to share in your new home!

  3. Hi Jill1 Back again for a closer look. You’ve done a good job of capturing the most significant times in your married life. Love how Keeley has gone from her mohawk to a full head of gorgeous hair. You mentioned not liking your photos. Personally I hate being lined up like before a firing squad, which is how I feel in front of a camera. Just catch me unawares and it will be better.

  4. Terrific pictures, Jill. I realized when I was looking for pictures how few there are with me in them. I miss this now and, according to my daughter, my kids will miss it later. It doesn’t matter what you look like, you are you. Terrific post!

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