Felt food

Felt carrots and strawberry

I mentioned during a previous Fun Monday post that I’d been working on felt food for Keeley’s soon to be kitchen set for either birthday or Christmas. I think we’ve decided to put it off until Christmas, to give us more time to work on it. We’ve asked if my parents will do at least a piece of the set for her present and that way we can help and also I can make the food. I’m following along with a blog, whose author has an etsy shop called The Felted Pear. I love their goodies, but don’t have the budget for them. After my request (and perhaps some from others), she’s offered tutorials starting this week. Unfortunately, I don’t have a shop close to me that sells good materials, so for now I have to wait until we can get to one and just hope that I have enough time to whip up the products in the evenings later on. She happily provided a list of materials if you want to follow along and make your own stash (or know someone who would). She has also provided some information on stitches and so on. Awesome.

Following some other tutorials, I made a few carrots (okay 5) and a strawberry ahead of time. Things I’d like to do: fried eggs– the first lesson on her blog, tomatoes, potatoes, ear of corn, banana, some sort of meat, bread to make a sandwich, maybe a cake. You know, a variety of things that could equal a meal. I already plan on putting some felt scraps into some empty spice containers and attaching the lid, so that she can ‘pretend’ sprinkle spices on her food, without making a mess.

Once you get started, it doesn’t take you very long to do any of these things, especially if you do them when your child is asleep! You’ll notice that one of my carrots has ‘realistic marks’ on it, stitches to make it appear lined, and the other doesn’t. I’m not sure it makes much difference for home use, but is awesome if you have time and want to.

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