Fun Monday: Rub me the right way, 3 wishes

Sayre is at it again, hosting for the last time in the month of September (awesome idea, by the way!) and she wants to know what our 3 wishes would be if we had a genie to grant them. Be sure to go and check out everyone else’s wishes!

This requires more brain power than I have after waking up at 4am with my husband, it truly does. Things I ususally selfishly wish for (like losing 5 pounds), tend to land me in the hospital with a bum appendix or a flu that lasts the whole Christmas holiday. Now anytime I wish anything selfishly (as in pray), I always pray that it happen with God’s will and if it won’t harm anyone else. So far, the weight isn’t coming off, ha!

If wishes were horses, I’d have a full stable, including peace on earth, a potty trained toddler, a million dollars, and so on. Right now though, I’m just going to blog about a few things that come to my mind, which may not be the end-all wishes (like peace on earth), but are frivolous, require a tesseract, or are heartfelt 1, 2, 3.

Wish #1 – I wish that more of my friends cloth diapered their kids. Mostly, because even though there are plenty of circles that it’s the norm in, around here people still think it’s a tad freaky. Also that I had a friend within say a 20 minute driving distance. Sigh. (I did say frivolous).

Wish #2 – I wish that certain things took no time at all, like showering, or baking a cake, or cleaning, and that certain things lasted longer without turning sour (like reading a story or playing outside with my ALMOST 2 year old!) — something like a diaper change or you know, cooking dinner or something seems to always get in the way. I guess what I’m wishing for here is more play time.

Wish #3 – I wish that my husband treated me every day like he did when I was pregnant. No matter how hard I’ve tried to make him┬árealize that I operate off of feelings just as much as I do reason, he never got that as well as he did when I was pregnant. What’s wrong with just saying ‘wow, I didn’t know you felt that strongly about it, but I’m sorry xyz happened and we can figure it out together’ — and a simple hug? Ignoring me or yelling at me doesn’t help. He understood this when I was pregnant. Why not now?

There you have it. 3 wishes.


  1. I was touched reading in a comment that you would trade your wishes for another’s wishes to come true. Your own wishes seem to come from thoughtful reflection I wish these things for you too.

  2. Have you ever seen the movie “Click” with Adam Sandler? It didn’t get the reviews it should have, probably because of the over-the-top comedic thing that Sandler does, but it was kind of like “A Christmas Carol.” One of the things that happened was that he wished to fast forward through all the difficult and time consuming stuff – he wished his life away. Because those difficult things and the time-consuming stuff is what life is made of. Kind of a bummer, huh? It would be lovely if everything was great all the time, wouldn’t it???

    It’s good you recognize the need for more playtime – for you and Keeley, and for you alone. I wish you and your man had more play time too. Sometimes, relearning how to play makes a big difference.

  3. Thought-provoking post…I too hope your wishes come true. Enjoy time spent with your youngster, they grow up all to soon. As for hubby, wish there was a magic wand I could wave for you.
    A christian friend of mine recommended I pray that the bad moods and insults from D be sent back where they come from.
    {{{gentle, virtual hugs}}}

  4. Wonderful post, Jill. And I so “get” you. It may seem insignificant that you wish more moms shared your commitment to using cloth diapers, but what I read is that you’d just like someone to validate your beliefs and priorities. And be close enough so you’d have the support of a friend. And at this stage in your life I’m sure you miss “playtime”–whether with daughter or husband– when you can just let go of the everyday stuff and be free and joyful. Sandy over at Myanderings mentioned being “cherished”. We all need that.

    Thanks for volunteering to host November Fun Mondays. I’ll check with Jill since she volunteered first. If she can’t then you’re it, girl! I’ll have the signup for Oct 4 posted on Wednesday. Come on over!

  5. I love the idea of this. I do have a few friends who cloth diaper in my community, but they are not, let’s say, passionate about it. They don’t want to gab about it, they just do it. So, it’s not as fun as it could be. ;0) I wish for more play time without the stresses of “big people” stuff as well. Some of my favorite days are the ones where you ditch your dinner plans because you are having too much fun playing and just end up eating pancakes!

  6. men are from mars.

    A heart felt and well written post Jill!

    I used cloth — because it was the end of the era — and disposables weren’t all that yet.
    But it sure was tiresome — and laundry was endless — and at that time I worked full time — where did the time and energy go?

  7. wish mine was potty trained too, looks like he is going to college in diapers, if I stayed at home, I would definately use cloth diapers, but I have mastered the art of couponing, the last pack I got for .27 cents at Rite Aid! interesting post!

  8. I got a way to make potty training wish a reality. Try potty training boot camp. In 2 weeks or less you can say bye bye to diapers and hello to independance! it is so simple. Buy a bunch of panties. Put them on her. Set a timer. Every 15 minutes sit her on the potty. There will be lots of accidents, so I suggest playing outside all day. Find a special reward for when she potties.

    I thought this was crazy, but it worked on my daughter in 2 days, I did it over the weekend when she was almost 2. Sure she had accidents and sometimes still does, but the freedom of a child that can go potty on their own is fantastic!!

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