10 years ago: The woman in me

I went through a box the other night in our garage. One filled with stuff I printed out, clipped or saved in college. It would have all been posted around my desk, where I studied, or at least stared at my books and wrote papers. I find it hilarious that some of these things can really relate to my life now, and some, while not really relevant, still resonate within my inner soul. I’m not so much different at 31 as 21. College really helped shape me. In no particular order:

Dilbert on dumb bosses
Boss- My laptop computer is locked up can you help?
Dilbert-Remember you have to hold it upside down and shake it to reboot.
Boss- oh, that’s right.
Dilbert’s pal to Dilbert-I wonder if he’ll ever realize we gave him an ‘etch a sketch’

Dilbert — “I ask for so little” (stuck in his cube) … “and boy do I get it.”

Dilbert’s friend says – Wish me luck. I’m off to get my performance review
Dilbert-Have you been napping? You’ve got a bad case of keyboard face.
Boss-what’s wrong with your face?
Dilberts friend – I have QWERTYTIS. It’s from working too hard.

Sticker that didn’t get stuck to my door, but I think was taped somewhere that says “I’m straight but not narrow” and has symbols on it to indicate that my room was a safe space if anyone in the GBLT community needed to talk.

A quote from Thoreau “so high as a tree aspires to grow, so high will it find an atmosphere suited to it

Puppy property laws (which I giggle to say are TODDLER laws, for SURE!)
-If I like it… it’s MINE
-If it’s in my mouth.. it’s MINE
-If I can take it away from you … it’s MINE
-If I had it a short time ago… it’s MINE
-If toys are left out… they’re all MINE
-If it looks like mine.. then it is MINE
-If I think it’s mine.. then it is MINE

An old comic portraying a harassed looking God (who features a baldish head with hair that looks like it’s been pulled on and a giant mustache and beard) — sitting in front of a computer, while a nerdy angel in a business suit overlooks his work with a clipboard and says “You cant just punch in ‘let there be light’ without writing the code underlying the user interface functions.”

The words to several songs-still favorites
-We didn’t start the fire
-American Pie
-Unforgiven II
-Lord of the Dance

A picture of the ‘new’ mini microsoft keyboard, which boasts all the keys you’ll ever need (CTRL ALT DELETE)

 A prayer– Dear God: I thank you because today I have not been: Resentful, angry, jealous, self-centered, arrogant or afraid. But I think I still need your help, because soon I will have to get out of bed. Amen.  (isn’t that the truth?)

An elaborately posed (and photoshopped) picture titled ‘Anyone you know?’ of a man in a business suit with his head up his.. eh hm, and his tie over his shoulder.

Words to a song I wrote

A pictorial of a horse with surprised eyes and his face buried in a water tub (hooves on top). 2 young cowpokes stand nearby, one with an empty jar, saying “I thought he’d like it… it’s called horseradish”

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