Fun Monday: Body talk

Sayre, over at Sayre Smiles is hosting Fun Monday this month. Her topic for this week is on our bodies.

“What is your favorite part of YOUR body and why? You may also talk about your least favorite, but it is not required”

Okay, personally, for me, this is a total double edged sword. I used to have a nice kiester, and great legs, until I had my child, you SEE where this is going right? Well, maybe not, my butt is getting smaller, and my legs seem kind of useless and less shapely. My favorite feature, though is my belly. Not abs, BELLY. And I have a big one. Why is it my favorite? It’s endured THREE surgeries in the last 5 years. It’s held a growing fetus and split open to ‘birth’ a baby for me. It’s knitted back together amazingly fast each time and keeps on a ‘truckin. It’s a roadmap of scars, stretchmarks, and fatty tissue, but I still love it. I hate it, too, of course, because it’s gotter bigger and bigger with each surgery. If we follow through with plans for more children, it will undoubtably get worse. It’s trying to take over my DD’s for sticks out the mostest award in the body olympics, the jerk, but that’s okay.

If I didnt’ have my belly, I’d look awesome, but I don’t think I’d give up what I got for my belly for anything.


  1. I’m adding you to the list!!!

    What a neat perspective on what is probably most people’s least favorite body part! It’s not what it looks like – it’s what it can do! I think I feel that way about most of my body these days – it’s not much to look at, but it still works. Thanks for playing!

  2. Women are a marvel of engineering, aren’t they? In your case they ends justify the mean for sure in giving you that little cutie patoootie. At least you can show off those great legs!

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