Fun Monday… errr Tuesday: Learning is fun

Due to the fact that my husband had a rare holiday, Fun Monday got pushed back to Fun Tuesday. I hope Sayre will forgive me. She is the hostess for September for Fun Monday. Today she wants to know what we would like to learn.

There are a lot of things. Lately, I’ve been focused on all things toddler. Before that, it was baby, before that, pregnancy. Lol. My life has revolved around my little one since before she could breathe air. I’ll admit, it’s not that great for the psyche. Even moms need a break sometimes. So a couple things I’ve been doing, that involve learning, of course are…

I have started practicing for a birthday cake (for my toddler, of course, who will be 2 in October), HOWEVER– it is MY job to pick a theme and do all the ‘fun’ parts of it, and I’m enjoying trying to keep it simple, but enjoyable for everyone. That being whichever family members decide they can make the trip and don’t have anything else to do that day.  For now I will say that I have an idea for a birthday annoucement which also coordinates with a cake I am making. The pan I am using is a big bird pan I found in my grandma’s house. The theme isn’t sesame street, though. Totally different. In fact, I turned the cake upside down and decorated it! Glad to say that I found a few things in my pantry (like candy and nuts) to decorate the cake, that really WORK without having to think or guess, it just FITS, which is awesome. Yes, you will get some pictures later on! So it may not exactly be textbook learning, but still makes me use my brains and imagination!

Next, I’ve been exploring painting. No, we’re not talking landscapes. Or portraits. For years I’ve sketched little animals to entertain my nieces and nephews in church, encouraging them to draw back. It keeps them quiet. Well, I’ve perfected it a bit over the years, so a couple of weeks ago, I got some canvas, sketched out a turtle, did some research, and painted a ‘painted turtle’. For Keeley’s room, of course. The canvas was inexpensive, and I already had the paint. Much cheaper than the $20-30 for a framed print online or in stores. I even signed it along the turtle’s neck. I’m proud and can’t wait to get it hung up in her room!

Lastly, I’ve been reading a lot about people staying away from plastic food for their kid’s play kitchens. As we plan to do up something for her birthday or Christmas, and felt food is apparently all the rage. I bought some felt for 30 cents a piece and so far I have 2 carrots and a strawberry made. By hand. No machine! A ‘made’ set of felt veggies is around $40, and I’ll make my own, maybe not as pretty, but probably a whole set of food will be under $10, as I already had embroidery needles and thread, and I can probably get half a dozen carrots out of the 30 cent piece of felt! If they tear, I can repair them. The batting stuff for the inside was around $5, and it takes very little to fill up a strawberry!  There are some free patterns online, and I plan on getting a library card and looking for books I can copy additional patterns out of!

All these things might still be FOR my daughter, but they are a way for me to learn and engage myself instead of just shelling out the cash for things for her, I can home make some items for her and they will be all that much more special because of it!

Yeah so my hubby didn’t get the computer worked out to put pictures in, so, you’ll have to stop back by another day to see pictures of my accomplishments!


  1. Hey there! I added you to the roster of Fun Monday participants! I like how you’re learning new stuff, even if it still has to do with Keeley. The felt veggies sound really cool! My boy was already too old for that when it all came out, but such a neat idea!!! Would love to see a picture of your turtle when you get the photo thing going again. I have my “gallbladder” art hanging in my bedroom. That was what I did to occupy myself while I was recovering from surgery.

  2. Hi Jill! You did a Fun Tuesday. I’m doing a comment Wednesday! I love that you’re pursuing your own interests while making things that the Skin Baby will love as well. I took a cake decorating class many years ago–what fun to make those beautiful roses and scrolls. Even more fun–back when I was on a bread baking binge I made whole wheat bunnies for Easter–so cute and an ear is so much fun to eat! I can see a lot of learning for your little one with those felt fruits and vegs. Will look forward to upcoming photos.

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