Day to day life

Now I have been mostly posting pictures and writing about big events, because, well, there’s not much going on day to day. I mean sure, there’s dress up:


Moms hair ties=great bracelets, particularly yanked right off of mom's head.

Then there’s ‘reading’. Which sometimes requires books and sometimes requires standing where the books ought to go.

Learning is always an adventure

Playing ‘princess’ aka kissing the frog


Yeah life around here can be really hair raising!


I mean what with pegs to pound…


Helping dad on the bronco…

2 cute

Picking our favorite friends to have a playdate with…

TI double Guh RRRR!

Helping mom with the chores…


and thinking deep thoughts…


Why there’s no time for anything else! It’s exhausting!

Night night

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  1. She really is growing SO much! Seems like you just had her! lol I love the kissing the frog. So sweet. And I keep forgetting to tell you I like the name of your blog. So appropriate.

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