Ain’t no mountain high enough

Or surface in the house, obviously. Keeley has decided to start climbing into the big people chairs. She also climbed into her high chair the other day, and got stuck. I would have taken a picture, but she was precariously balanced and it’s on wheels. Not a good combo. We had already been thinking with the chair climbing that maybe she was ready for a booster seat. With the high chair incident, we are sure of it now. She is proud of herself for climbing into the chair, as you can clearly see. ps anyone who points out that she can move chairs to stand on top of something else is getting whooped. I’m so glad she hasn’t figured that out yet (knock wood).


Really big grin

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Soon she’ll figure out she doesn’t even need a chair – anything wide enough for her feet to stand on will do!! Lauren was a climber. I constantly found her on the kitchen table, and had to move the chairs out far enough that she couldn’t get on the table if she got on the chair. But also had to be careful not to put the chair too close to the counter, as she would climb on that, too. Thankfully, she never got higher than that. There’s a story that one of my aunt’s used to like to climb on to the counter tops and managed to get up on the refrigerator. Hope she doesn’t do that!!! Scariest was when I found her standing on the top shelf of her book case (only about 30 inches off the ground) but with her hands on the screen of her open window. The book case got moved that day, and her window wasn’t open much. I hope Keeley enjoys her booster seat, once she gets it. I LOVED getting the high chair out of the kitchen.

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