Just a swingin’

Did you know that LeeAnn Rimes has redone John Anderson’s song Swingin’? I love that song and it’s fun to have a newer, jazzed up version.  While Keeley is a long way from having a lover to meet on a front porch swing, her grandparents were kind enough to give us this old swing

they had on their tree out back for all the previous grandkids. Keeley’s only been in it a couple of times, and seemed to have fun when Daddy was pushing her!

She apparently didn’t like it when mom took over, instead of taking the pictures:

Thanks Grandma!

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  1. Yay, Grandma!!! Little kids really love those swings…

    I loved John Anderson’s “Swingin'” but haven’t heard LeeAnn Rimes version yet. Now that I know it exists, I need to have a listen.

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