New words

My little one, who is 21 (gasp!) months old, likes to scream ‘BUMP!’ in delight when we go over railroad tracks or rough terrain in the truck. If you say ready, set, or just ready, she’ll say ‘GOOOOOO!’  When pushing her in the stroller, I taught her to put her arms up in the air and say ‘wheeee’ as if she was on a roller coaster. Last night when I was chopping pizza toppings, she came in, looked around, trotted up to me, grinned, and said ‘o-wive, pwease’. Yes, my little girl was begging for olives. Yes, it’s twice as cute as you think. Then again, so is she.

Jam on her upper lip-not to self, she can't lick her upper lip yet. Tee hee.

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