Curly locks

If you hadn’t noticed yet, the girl has curls. I don’t know what to do with them. I got some styling product around the time she was a year old and could sit still for half a minute, and when I give her a daytime bath, I put it in her hair and it holds the curl for a while. When she lays on it, or if it’s been dry a while, it will flatten back out but stay wavy. I’m sure if it is supposed to stay curly, then if I cut it, nothing will happen, and it will curl MORE because it is not so heavy, but I’m afraid if I do cut it, all her curls will go away. I’ve trimmed her bangs a few times, but not the rest. Unfortunately, it’s getting to the point where it’s annoying her neck, so I need to start pulling it up a bit so she quits scratching at all. Her poor back. Anyway, the curls…


  1. Won’t matter what you do with the curls… she will still be too cute.

    Lyssa had curls.
    She still has curls.
    When she goes to get her hair cut, they always ask her where she had her perm done.
    And she tells them it’s natural. They’re envious. She hates it.

    Don’t all women hate their own hair?

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Her curls are adorable. It doesn’t look like it’s getting untidy in the back, which is the only reason I’d cut it, if I were you. Unless you don’t want her hair to grow long. That’s up to you. Lauren’s first haircut was because it was uneven and just needed a little cleaning up, and wow, did she look better after! So I wouldn’t worry about it until you get to that point. I know you’re worried about it bothering her on her neck, but pony tails or pigtails with what she’s got down low and barrettes to tame what isn’t long enough to go in the rubberbands should help with her comfort.

    Lauren’s best friend has long, gorgeous curls. I’m so jealous!!! Thankfully, the ends of Lauren’s hair curl in just a smidge and with only 2 haircuts ever, her hair has nice shape. It’s time for another cut once it’s not so hot and we aren’t doing piggies and ponies all the time.

    Anyway, enjoy her hair. It’s fun!!

    And yes, Ami, I don’t know any woman who likes her own hair! All the curly heads out there want straight and vice versa, and those people with just waves seem to be the most unhappy! I’m just glad I haven’t started to go bald yet – still plenty left to tear out when the kids drive me batty!

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