Big hugs

Rare mommy hug (usually daddy gets the BIG hugs)

Keeley has gotten to the point now where she hugs us because she wants to.  Sometimes, we ask and she says no, but a lot of the times, if we ask, we get BIG hugs. Even if we don’t ask, sometimes. Mostly daddy when he gets home from work. But sometimes mommy, as evidenced above. (seriously, could I be LESS photogenic?-please subtract at least 25 lbs from how that photo looks).. sigh. Anyway, it’s nice that we get hugs, and kisses, oh my GOD the kisses the girl gives MWAH, she’ll kiss your feet, or your knee, or your shoulder, wherever she can reach the girl will kiss. Don’t even say the word lick around her, because she’ll do it, too. Don’t ever laugh when she does something weird, either, because she’ll do it again, like lick your shoulder while you’re working at the computer, while standing on the back of your chair. You can’t move because she’ll fall over backward, taking the chair with her, but boy does it tickle! So far, no spontaneous ‘I wuv u’s’, but it can’t be too far away. I’m so proud that she can SHOW love, and joy, and happiness. I’m doing something right. Right?

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