It’s so hot! AKA a summer’s day

Keeley tends to get pretty darn warm these days. Helps that it’s in the 90s with super high humidity. We still haven’t really cut her hair, and her curls are getting to her shoulders, and making her scratch. Poor thing–she’s also getting a little bit of heat rash from it. So as often as I can — I keep her in just a diaper. Here’s what you are likely to see a lot of days..


I can do it!



pinky and sweaty already!

Goin' after the bubbles

Future double letter'man'

At other times, you might see us doing… this: 

Watching tv--no need for our clothes to match

Playing dress up with mommy's 'choos' or 'shhhooos'

All in all, it’s been a pretty good summer, despite basically being housebound by too much ‘work’ to do! I’m really glad she’s exploring and learning and finding some fun, even if mom and dad are totally stressed!


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