Monkey Doodlez swim diaper review

Back during the cloth diaper giveaway hype of earth day, someone mentioned a new blog by Moms and Bums, near Ontario, that needed some readers. I added them to my reader and they popped up with a giveaway. Somehow I was the lone entrant. So I won a Monkey Doodlez swim diaper! I was pretty excited, because first of all, the chances of us going to a public pool are pretty slim, and second of all, who wants to lay down a bunch of cash for something your kid will barely use right? Wrong.

Turns out Keeley LOVES to play in the creek. We’ve taken her several times for a cruise through the water, barefoot and in her swim dipe! Be it lake, creek, pool or splash area at your local park (heck even a mud puddle!)–these dipes will do the job–plus you won’t be leaving a used dipe at someone else’s house or in a public area, just like your swim suit you take it home and wash it!

Grandma and me, quality time!

Add into this that you don’t have to buy a swim suit when using these diapers, because most people will assume that they are just bottoms, even if your child is potty trained, if the diaper still fits, you can have them wear it as a suit instead of buying a fancy combo set the next year. With Keeley’s size, she may be able to wear the dipe for 2-3 years. Plus, it can easily be used for another child.

Let’s talk about swim diapers for a minute. No matter what you buy, they are NOT meant to stop the flow of urine, only to hold in a BM. So, put it on right before swimming and switch to your regular brand of diapers immediately afterward – assuming you don’t want a soaked car seat. So far, Keeley hasn’t graced us with a #2 while she was ‘swimming’, but if she does, I will update you.

We also had a chance to try the diaper out at a pool while we were at a hotel for my cousin’s wedding.  Last minute I threw her swim diaper in her bag, thinking there ‘might’ be a pool since it was a new hotel, and my hubs grabbed his swim trunks. They swam for nearly an hour and she had a great time until she saw me and then she wanted out, then back in, etc. I think because the diaper is large on her, it ‘took on’ water when Matt put her in the pool at the hotel. He tends to squish her when holding her, and I bet he let loose when she hit the water, and made it gap. I had to ’empty’ it of water once she got out, so I guess if it had to, it would hold anything a kid ‘put out’ so to speak. Point being it HOLDS, okay!

Now for the review part:

Cuteness: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 With over a dozen patterns and cute animals taking over your babe’s tush, how could you go wrong? From little boy sailboat blue to pink plaid fit for a princess, you’ll find something you love here:

Price: 🙂 🙂 🙂 Retail is $20, or less depending on where you purchase them from (also keep in mind that is CA $ versus the US $ as MD is a CA company). However, compare that to disposable swim diapers, which cost around $1 apiece, and a family pool pass becomes a lot more affordable! Not to mention running in sprinklers or the kiddie pool, you could play all day and not cost yourself one penny more, by the end of a week, it would PAY for itself! There are other cloth swim diapers that cost less, but there are fewer pretty options as well.

Fit/Use: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The diaper itself fits fine. I ended up buying a large, thinking my toddler would grow–ha ha ha. She’s still under the 25 lb mark that is the lower end of the scale, but with tight fitting legs and great elastic at the waist, it stays comfortably on her, albeit baggy, without sliding down. They go on like underwear and are super stretchy, so check the size chart for what would fit your little one best. *note our ‘water taking on’ at the pool probably wouldn’t have happened with a medium.

Size Weight Waist Legs Rise
Small 10-18 lbs 12″-18″ 7″-10″ 13″
Medium 15-25 lbs 14″-20″ 8″-12″ 4″
Large 25-35 lbs 15″-22″ 10″-14″ 16″
X-Large 30+ lbs 15.5″-22″ 11″-16″ 17″

Disclaimer: I entered to win this diaper in a blog contest. I was not compensated in any way to write this review. I just want my readers to know about a fantastic product!


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