Get your point across

Well, I guess the last post finally got his attention. We each are at fault. We each were pulling in the opposite direction, trying to keep everything afloat –me by denying myself everything under the sun so that I was just this hollow, empty shell full of self-hate, fear, and anger, and him by spending all his time either working, sleeping or playing with Keeley, thus eliminating anything I might find enjoyable about his company –after all, who needs mom when dad is around? Not my girl. Mom doesn’t exist when dad is around. Mom fetches drinks and does chores while they have a good time. Neither of them needed me. I was useless. We withdrew to separate corners and talked politely to each other and that was it. Everything was fine, but it wasn’t.

We started yelling yesterday. 2 hours later (and many frowns from Keeley), we made amends.  Plenty of hurt feelings were shown, plenty of tears. I love yous and we’ll try harders at the end. We each got our point across. Then we worked the rest of the day painting our upstairs. All’s well that ends well I guess.


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Glad you both had a chance to air those feelings. I hope you both see some change in each other. It’s the only way things will get better.

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