Another clothie in the house

Yesterday we had a visit from Matt’s buddy David and his family. I think they’ve finally made the switch completely over to cloth for their 2 month old. I’m excited. He was born 4 weeks early, so he’s still pretty small, and they added 12 rumparooz (which go down to 6 lbs) to their stash and are able to do laundry every day and keep him ‘cloth’ed.  So instead of a ‘sposie’ diaper being stashed in my trash until Thursday, I only got a couple of wipes to toss out!I recommended the rumparooz because they wanted some one size diapers that snapped–the bum genius announcement came out a little too late, lol!

I’m excited that we had another cloth diapered baby in the house. When another of Matt’s friends came over, their kids played in the creek. They finally decided to take the ‘sposies’ off of them so they didn’t bust open and pollute our creek (nice of them). However, they didn’t ask for a bag or anything and 3 (they have an almost 3 year old, a 2 year old and an 18 month old-blended family) disposable diapers ended up outside in our garage–filled with creek water and sand, and not wrapped up. All I can say is GROSS. My husband STILL needs to clean out the trash can from that. Did you know that flies LOVE disposable diapers. You can imagine. Argh. Again, SO glad that we have some friends who cloth diaper.

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