If I knew then what I know now

Mindy over at The Inquisitive Mom has decided to do a McLinky carnival of sorts about cloth diapering this week! Her topic is “If I knew then what I know now: cloth diaper tips and recommendations”.

Wow. In talking about cloth with people, I always try and give them as much or as little info as they need or want. I try to gauge budget, and give them a couple of websites and blogs to start out with, and typically if they are savvy at all, one thing leads to another and soon they can figure it all out, a lot sooner than I did. Since I don’t know who will read this, this is what I will say:

If I knew then, I would have gotten a batch of prefold cloth diapers and had them washed and ready a month before the baby was supposed to arrive. Then I would have set about a trial after baby had arrived and tried out a few brands. I would tell myself to ALWAYS limit to one thing that’s a buy one get one. It was NOT necessary to buy 12 dipes and get 2 free, it wasn’t. It was FUN, but not necessary. I ended up trying several brands for free since then and wish I would have saved that $70 or whatever to get a few others. I would have gotten more pink diapers. I would have gotten more brands and more styles. I would have tried different inserts. I would have tried to earn $ and diapers by blogging about them instead of just doing it for free, ha!

Am I happy with what I have? Sure I am! I’m pissed at my hard water, but happy with the diapers.

It’s very apropos that I’m writing this today as our favorite diaper, the BG 3.0 pocket diaper (one size fits all) is being discontinued. We have, um, 27 I think. They are coming out with a new product that will be released in 2 hours. I am excited to see what they have in store. I’m not in a rush to buy. Our stash is pretty complete for Keeley. There are a couple dipes I would love to try but for now, we’re hanging in until there’s a reason to need to buy more!

All of my velcro diapers are BG as of now, so they are my fav of those.

I have a ton of snap diapers and haven’t really gotten a fav yet. I have the most Rumparooz.

Night time diaper velcro: BG 3.0 with extra doubler (or 2)
Night time diaper snaps: Rumparooz with both inserts in girl position-but I’d take the BG any time over this option.


  1. Hey! Thanks for linking up and joining. I mainly tell people to try different brands because when you become a cloth diaper junkie, you want to try so many different ones and most of us only have so much money to spend. lol. I like my BG 3.0s well enough, but they just haven’t washed as well over time as other diapers I’ve owned.

  2. Just makes me wonder, “Why, at my age, am I reading about cloth diapers at 4:42 in the morning?” Just makes me think, “So glad I’m not changing diapers anymore, except for the grandkids AND why am I awake at this time of day/night?”

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