House keeping

Please excuse the severe lack of posts here. For some reason, it won’t let me pre-post and have it set to show up at a certain time. It just ‘misses’ the deadline and won’t re-set itself to post for some reason. Argh. Also, we have several photo shoots with Keeley (just that we took, not professional) and of the house, but they are waiting for Matt to load onto the computer.

We’ve been trying to convert all our data to a new type of data sourceĀ  other than our ancient dell, because it makes the living room so freaking hot to run it. Also we’ve been busy around the house. We’ve mowed, and also started cleaning the upstairs. Just getting it taped and mudded by someone else was a complete fiasco, and the people didn’t clean up after themselves. They didn’t even clean as they go, or take their trash with them. Half empty water bottles, at least 10 or so, plus all the wrapping from everything, AND they didn’t get anything moved out of the way, so everything we had up there is covered in a fine layer of dust. Tools, boards, etc. etc. Matt started moving everything out of there last night, and I started helping. Then we started cleaning. When you’re sweeping up 2-3 pounds of dust per room (that’s by weight, NOT an exaggeration), and that’s after picking up chunks and trash, you know it was a disaster area. There are still clumps of mud on the floor stuck down, and we need to sweep the walls down so we can paint, so that will be what we do this afternoon/tonight.

Luckily, Matt’s friend from work has offered to help again and I told him as soon as we had it cleaned, that his friend was welcome out. We also plan on doing some 4th of July stuff with his family when they both have the day off on the 5th. I really look forward to it. They are nice people. Take some getting used to, but then again, I’ve had just my friends for so long, that everyone takes some getting used to.

We planted 3 shrubs that my mom sent us and cut the hole for the medicine cabinet that we got from them for the upstairs bath, that hadn’t been done (not sure why). However, it seems most everything up there is now done and ready to be ‘finished’. We have some great plans and now that it is cleaner, I can see it starting to come together.

We were worried about our appraisal, but we JUST made it over the amount, but now can’t settle the loan until we are finished. It’s not fun, but you do what you have to do. I think that’s the housekeeping for now, please stay tuned for a new theme. Which I won in a giveaway, of course!

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