Laundry Room

Before our appraisal 2 weeks ago, we hurried and painted our laundry room. It’s hard to tell exactly in these pictures, but there is lavender paint on the walls–well, 3 of them anyway, we didn’t want to move the washer/dryer yet. The laundry shelf is perfect for cleaning supplies and detergent, and the water heater is to the left of this, partially walled off. On the interior wall portion, the broom/mop stuff is all hung up,  out of sight!

Laundry / Mud Room 2010

We haven’t quite figured out the ‘mud’ part of it yet, but as a laundry and pantry, so far it works out pretty well!

We also have 2 more shelves up in the pantry area, and the small chest freezer we’ve had is in here, too. Eventually we’ll put a 5th shelf up to the ceiling for extras like rarely used Tupperware and so forth in the pantry. We wanted a larger freezer, but we may have to wait on that. We’ve recently found out that our water is super hard and that’s not good on cloth diapers. Ugh. A water softener is definitely in our future.

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