1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    78! I knew you must have a huge number of them, but that still blew me away! Congrats on getting published!

  2. I don’t use all 78, at least half are “retired” for now, and that number is no longer accurate, since I have a new thirsties cover that I won (but haven’t used yet), and with my $25 gift card got a softbums with 3 inserts and a RMD! Still waiting on the 2 from Franklin Goose! I emailed and told them we were starting to PT and they said they would move my order up!

  3. Hey there! I am a cloth diapering blogging mama, and was hoping you may want to do a button swap? Stop by sometime, I have over 10 cloth diaper giveaways going on! Thanks!

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