“So far itโ€™s working out okay. I donโ€™t have really high hopes of it all the sudden clicking for her, she is still pretty young, but I am happy for the dozen or so pees weโ€™ve gotten”

So how on earth is this pushing? I have not EVER pushed my kid to do anything she is not ready to do. She still naps a couple of times a day. I haven’t made her give up anything so far. She quit nursing on her own. I never pushed her to crawl, or to walk, and other than pointing out words and showing her pictures, I never pushed her to talk.

I must really seem like some huge monster if it appears that putting her on the potty would be SO aggressive as to harm her? Maybe this blog is coming across as something different from reality, but I assure you that I’m not scarring her for life by tossing her up on the toilet a couple of times a day. As for not ‘interrupting her play’, well I would interrupt her play to change her diaper, anyway, so it’s not really any different on that score, and she seems to enjoy sitting on the potty.

It’s a learning curve, for everyone. I do the best I can.


  1. You are NOT pushing her. Every child is different. Some are ready to potty train at 10 months, some at 3 or 4 years. Most fall somewhere in the middle. Putting her on the toilet is instructional – how else will she know what to do? Believe me, she will make her wishes known in this area. From what you say, I think she may be ready. My boy didn’t do it until he was three. He still wore pull ups to bed until he was seven. He was a very deep sleeper, and still is, but the urge to pee wasn’t enough to wake him up. Now his bladder muscles have matured enough that they can hold it until he does wake up. As I said, every child is different. You seem to be handling this just fine to me.

  2. My husband thinks I’m being too sensitive to people’s comments and he finds them really helpful. However, he doesn’t have to do squat with it, so why should it ‘hurt’ his feelings or mean anything to him anyway? I tried SO hard to go WAY out of my way in that post to say that I didn’t think she’d get it in one day, that we weren’t doing it full time and that we were focusing on praise. Not sure how everyone seemed to get me being ‘pushy’ and that I would ‘go overboard’ out of that. I’m not an imbecile and I’m not a monster.

  3. *sigh* Don’t you just love the random people who think they are the best parent in the world and should offer up advice about how you’re ruining your kids life and suck at parenting?


    You’re not pushing her and are doing fantastic. People suck.

  4. It is weird to me that somewhere along the line potty-training became this big, weird, scary, obsessive, AGGRESSIVE thing. For parents! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hahaha. I don’t think you’re pushing her at all. We started putting my son on the potty for pees (occasional poos) at about the same age. He’s not “potty-trained” yet, but uses the potty a couple times a day usually. He just turned 2, so we’re hoping he’ll make it a full-time thing soon. When it comes to peeing and pooping in one’s pants, I say the earlier they stop the better, ya know? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have good friends. I know my girls would knee cap somebody for me if I needed them to, it’s just hard to think you’re coming off as a scary being, when all you are doing is ‘being’. They are trying to be helpful, I know. Unfortunately the only thing that’s really helpful right now is booze and ice cream, and I’m not letting myself have either one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I’m sorry you felt that we all said you were being pushy. I reread my post and the other two, and firmly believe that nobody was saying you were being pushy at this time. We were just sharing our experiences. What we WERE saying was just be wary of that happening, because it typically does not have good results. And people don’t usually intend to be pushy with their kids, it just happens.

    Lauren was doing great at Keeley’s age and showing interest. And I was really excited. I didn’t necessarily think that it would lead to her being potty-trained at that point, but was thrilled at every diaper we DIDN’T get dirty. But of course I was still hopeful that it wouldn’t be as big of a deal with her as it was with Jacob. After all, girls tend to potty train faster and younger, right? THen about the time she turned 2, she didn’t want to go anymore, started being very irregular with how long she would be dry (instead of how predictable she was before, AND she was wetting an amazing number of times in a short period, without drinks!!) and I couldn’t understand what was going on because she HAD been going regularly and she HAD enjoyed sitting on the pot with a book, and we HAD been praising and only ever making a big deal about it when she did well. But then she stopped, and I had to stop, because she suddenly wanted nothing to do with it anymore. Since you can’t MAKE a kid hold it or put it in (and I know you know that, so that wasn’t supposed to sound like I don’t think you do), so I had to back off. It was frustrating.

    Nobody tried to say you were doing a bad thing or a poor job. I’m really sorry it all came out that way.

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