Fun Monday: Summer Style

This summer we are doing work on the house and enjoying our baby girl being (gasp!) 19 months old! Our summer style includes dirt, gravel, Popsicle drips, and lots of ketchup on our hamburgers! Don’t forget the drywall dust! Please feel free to scroll down for MORE cute pictures! I almost forgot, visit Sayre to see the summer plans of the rest of the Fun Monday crew!

upstairs under construction 5/23/10

Keeley, outside at 19 months

Typical day

At the 18 mo. appt, her doctor seemed impressed she could stack 5 blocks!


  1. I am so impressed that you guys are doing so much of your own work! It does take a while though. Witness me and my floor that I STILL haven’t gotten put in! Or the hall I still haven’t finished painting…

    It does sound like a lovely summer to me though!!!

  2. Your daughter is about the age of my grandson. I love this particular stage of childhood. The children learn so much during this time period. We will be doing some house work too, but hopefully without much dust.

  3. I always love doing projects around the house…looks like yours is a big one. Little Keeley is growing up so fast…cute photos

  4. Chari

    Thanks for your comments on the birthday ideas! Very good ideas. I’m with you on the goody bags all together. My mom always said the same thing. Sometimes I do like to have one treat for them to take, but that’s about it. I’ve seen some cute wooden train whistles that are less than $1 a piece that the kids would like that I think I’ll be getting.

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