I love that my husband helps with bedtime routine, I really do. Usually I take care of the diaper, getting out pjs, turning on all the noise making things, and he takes off her clothes and puts the diapers and pjs on.

He may get that yanked from him. I’ve got a load of towels going AGAIN this morning because I found 3 of my girl’s BEAUTIFUL, soft pastel colored shirts, with great big red (you name the sauce) stains on them that he didn’t bother to check out and mention to me. Usually, I see them and go stain treat and put in the wash and it’s no big deal. It all comes out (in the wash) and everything is fine.

All I gotta say is GRR!

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Mine does that, too. If I say anything, he’ll say “Well I thought you always check everything.” And my answer is always “NO.” I treat right away, soak or whatever. Happens with his clothes, too. Do they think we have time to inspect everything before we wash it? Mark’s terrible about taking things out of his pockets, too. I’m constantly finding receipts (that he compulsively folds into tiny squares, until he can’t fold them anymore) and check-out lists. WHich are really to be shredded, and that poses a problem, because the laundry ruins them, but doesn’t always obliterate the patient info. So then what do I do with it? COME ON BOYS!!!! We’ve got enough on our hands with the kids. Get with the program! Grrrr is right!!

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