Happy Birthday to me…

Yup, tomorrow is my birthday, the day on which my mom let my dad sleep, took a shower, picked up her bag, woke him up and got to the hospital just in time for the nurse to catch me. The doctor didn’t make it. Apparently I was fast and impatient, but at least I was small!

I’ve gotten some good birthday presents so far, or at least things given to me. My mom made a birthday cake for me and gave me some strawberries from her garden-yum! My mom and dad got me a couple of shelves and a gallon of paint to paint my laundry room. In true Jill style, it’s called ‘innuendo’ and it’s a lavender shade. <<waggling eyebrows>> I figured it would be calming and welcoming, and that I’d never have any trouble decorating with it, since #1 it doesn’t need much decoration as a laundry area/pantry/mudroom and #2 there is always SOMETHING in lavender as far as decorations go. I will be glad when the upstairs is finished and we can concentrate on the downstairs. Those 2 shelves won’t fit over the laundry area on either wall, but they will just do fine as pantry shelves, which I wasn’t looking forward to buying anyway! Yeah!

I also have a 3 ft shelf that Matt got that can go up to hold my detergent and cleaning supplies (as they are on the floor right now) and one of the doo-hickeys to hold brooms, which should clean up 90% of the mess in that room! I need to un-earth the hooks that I have and see if any of them are ‘apron worthy’ and get my aprons hung up as well as my shopping bags. Then I need to get rid of everything that needs to go to goodwill, which is hiding in there. It will be nice for that room to come together.

… so I know what you’re thinking, am I doing anything for me? Well, I did visit a couple of my friends already, and supposedly I’m supposed to get a Keeley-free day to visit again soon, where Matt will keep her so I can run around and such. The other big thing is that we are doing to a movie and dinner (in that order). Without the girl.

Shocking, I know. Matt’s buddy David and wife Goldie are going to keep her. She laughs at David a lot, even when he’s being serious, not sure why, and I think she ignores Goldie on purpose. They do have a 9 year old and a newborn, so it should be a 3 ring circus at their house for a couple of hours. I tried to talk Matt into just doing dinner, but he wouldn’t hear of it. This will be our first alone time… in 19 months…spooky! I’m guessing we will go see the Shrek movie–because it should be funny, we’ve liked all the other ones and I don’t really want to have to think too hard to watch a movie these days. Then we will find a restaurant nearby for an early dinner. When I was looking at restaurants, I kept thinking we had to go to a place where I could find something for Keeley to eat, and then I remembered –she wasn’t coming with us. I’ve got applesauce to send for her and I’ll have to figure out some other things, she can eat what they are eating, but it will be nice to know she’ll have something she will eat for sure.

Other than that? I’m not too worked up about it. We both have cell phones, they know how to use cloth diapers (and have recently bought some additional ones upon my recommendation for their newborn), and are becoming honorary uncle and aunt to her, I suppose, since they are the only friends we have nearby. She’s been around them a handful of times and since David is the only Chinese guy we know, I’m reasonably certain she’ll recognize him again when she sees him 🙂 Don’t worry, he would totally find that funny, I’m not being racist. Well, as Matt and Keeley are both asleep, guess I will sign off and curl up and read some. I’ll leave you with some final thoughts and a picture…

I’m feeling better, recognizing that you should take time for yourself and actually doing it are 2 different things, getting your husband to un-knot his own tail only takes one blog post and about 5 stern commenters (thanks guys), and a happy birthday is in the works for me!

Also? She’s getting cuter every day!

Keeley at 19 months in a Katydid cloth diaper, enjoying the sunshine!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JILL!!!! You deserve a nice one!

    And good for you having a date to celebrate. It’s gonna feel weird at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. After the first time, it gets easier.

    Lavender, huh? I painted one of my laundry rooms blue. The color didn’t have a name, so I just called it Laundry Blue. Which is what color I painted my bedroom here, and I’m painting my mom’s kitchen that color too!

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