Color oddity

When we went to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago (in celebration of moving!), our baby was given crayons. By now she’s a pro, but sometimes she just wants to put them in the box and take them back out. Kind of annoying, but cute at the same time. Check out the crayons and see if you find it as funny as we did. There were some fabulously delicious names, bubble gum pink, macaroni and cheese, blueberry jammi, and so on, and then, 4th from the bottom, read that…


… and at the very top… GREEN. How imaginative. Maybe they didn’t think kids would want to color with lettuce or spinach?


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    They should have brown squirrel and albino squirrel, too. Really, blueberry jammi? Just never heard “jammi” like I assume they mean that.

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