Green scavenger hunt!

Let’s face it, today’s world has to get greener or, well, we’re going to all be very sorry. Or at least our grand-kids will.  I’ve written numerous times about ways to go green, but do you know of any places to buy greener products? Want to have fun exploring them and win prizes at the same time? Me too!  is similar to the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt which was cancelled for May, and will take place during the month of July. Prizes range from diapers and clothes to dolls and potty training (even cotton reusable tissues, which I am very interested in–we use so many kleenexes!-yes I know about handkerchiefs, but try finding ‘good’ ones anywhere.)

Here’s what their site has to say:

“Our goal with the Quest is to help customers find some great new websites that offer everything from “green” products to blogs and informational sites that help them and their families go green.

We hope that this premier Quest will help introduce a new way to find green businesses and will help even more families learn how to be better to our planet.”

They plan on doing it 2x per year in July and January if it goes well this time. Corporate sponsors listed on their page are sites and products I know and trust, so I know this is a good thing. Hope some of you choose to participate!

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