Updated stats

32 inches tall

23 lbs 8.5 ounces

That’s basically in the 50% of weight and between 50 and 75% for height. We don’t like that much, but besides force feeding her fat, we can’t do a whole lot else. We think she is taller than that, but we thought that the last 3 or so times as well. She’s clearly at least an inch if not more taller than the 32″ truck tires so that is slightly irritating to say the least, but I suppose eventually it will appear that she makes a large jump. Either way, still growing, and eating like, well, one of us!


Also, the doctor basically said that she’s topping out the development chart at 24 months. She can stack her 5 blocks (plus at least something else on top, but I didn’t tell him that), knows quite a few words, can kick a ball, scribbles with crayon (before eating it), and attempts to do grown up type of things.

Her words are, in no particular order *=unrecognizable to anyone but us:

1. hi (with wave)

2. bye bye (with a wave)

3. hop (all animals do this-accompanied by a one footed stomp in front of her)

4. pretty

5. puppy (must have real puppy present)

6. please

7. thank you * -this one is getting much better

8. bless you *

9. yum

10. I love you

11. ma ma

12. da da

13. up

14. you’re welcome* (only happened a couple of times)

15. mwah (kiss sound)

16. night night

17. uh oh

18. more

19. shoes*

She also has words she can repeat easily, and on command:

1. hot

2. egg

3. drink

4. hug

5. nana (banana)

6. ba ba ba (back up)

7. hat

8. cheese

9. teeth

10. truck

11. shoes

12. apple (juice or sauce)

13. kiss

She is getting better at her signs:

drink (has been replaced with the word for the most part, but she won’t say drink automatically)

thank you (this one is perfected in the last week)

hungry (if you ask if she is hungry she will tap her chest)

more (this one was a clap and went away completely and has been replaced with the actual sign and MO’ as of today!)

sentences are showing up, basically because we are forcing her to be polite:

up please

drink please

more drink please (combo of signs and words tonight at dinner!)

please, then thank you signed

I was on the brink of freaking out about her talking about a month or two ago, and now she can do all this! Yeah!


  1. update=shoes is on the list twice, I know she has said shoes when it has been verbalized to her, but not sure if she has actually said it without being prompted, so it ended up on both lists, either way, shoes are both good luck charms because it means going out of doors, and a tasty snack in her car seat. Mmm. Pleather.

  2. Don’t you know by now that babies develop at their own pace and that you can’t freak out over what ‘they’ say she should be doing??

    She’s adorable and congrats on being in the new house finally!!

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Don’t worry one bit about her height and weight at this point. She looks healthy, is eating well, and kids get skinny around her age. Also, her percentiles are fairly balanced, which is the most important thing about percentiles. As for the talking, I understand the worry. Remember my Jacob problems. He was only saying a few things at Keeley’s age. But now he talks (NONSTOP), has great conversation skills, and an extensive vocabulary (yesterday, he used the word “apparently” and used it correctly.). Once it really started for him (22 months), it was like an avalanche. Just kept going. She’s trucking right along now! She’ll be saying “Stacy!” before long!

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