18 months

Keeley’s 18 month day was a much celebrated one, as it ended up with us moving into our new house!

Diaper-brown ooga booga pattern Peachy Keen Nifty Nappy

This one is going into Ellen's 'what's wrong with these photos'.. see anything wrong?

Reading the paper-looking for good deals

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I suppose you’re counting the finger as what’s wrong (discovered while crocheting at the DR. office yesterday, the pattern with which I pulled the yarn through my fingers made me flip the guy across from me off repeatedly. Oh well.), but I would say the breakable bowl is what’s wrong! You’re brave! I can give Jacob breakable plates and not worry too much, but I only give them to Lauren when I run out of the other. Or maybe it’s not breakable and I’m just nuts. Either way, I’m glad to see she’s enjoying whatever is in the bowl! More house pictures, please!!!! Cute toddler is a bonus!

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