Diapering this week..

Okay so this week I ordered:

Applecheeks in Raspberry sorbet: washed, dried, worn, and christened, thoroughly. –From Fluff Envy — it came with a free sample of Rockin green!

Peachy Keen pocket diaper (nifty nappy) Oooga Booga print in brown/orange knit — From Sugar Dipes –still waiting on this one to come in, but it has shipped.

I WON!!! A Baby Kanga diaper from a blog giveaway! (made in Canada, eh?) -chocolate brown with blue snaps

I WON!!! A gift certificate to Cotton Babies, it paid for most of a diaper I have been coveting from them.  -Bum Genius One Size All in One Organic w/snaps in blossom (pale pink) — this was a totally random giveaway from them, awesome!

I WON!!! A $25 gift certificate from the #GetRealDiapers chat for advocating for them (too bad I couldn’t actually get INTO the chat), but that cert is for Snooty Booty diapers, and I already contacted them through their blog to see if I could get the earth day code for free shipping when my gift cert comes in! –anyone has any ideas as to a new brand I should try, feel free to let me know!!!

Oh and since I did the reviews at Franklin Goose, I have 3 diapers coming in from there, as well. 2 Rumparooz with snaps : Amethyst and Gumball and a Katydid (melon)

And 2 weeks ago for doing a video post of Keeley in her Rumparooz, I got a Fire engine red Rumparooz

And today, my replacement Rumparooz (known manufacturing defect) showed up, so it can be washed too.


That will mean I will have 10 snap dipes very very soon! This is important, as it is likely that Keeley will be going into town ( I LOVE saying that) pretty soon in dresses, and I don’t want her peeling her aplix (velcro) diapers off and running butt nekkid! Also, since the snaps don’t wear out as easy as the aplix, there’s a good chance all of these one-size diapers will wear well on another baby as well.

Baby Legs–(last week it was a Kaleidoscope pair that will match ALL my diapers, this week 4 pair for a LOW price, and I’m going back now to see if they have any other pairs on sale that low again) — that’s 5 pair (although some will be gifts, maybe!?!), but $1 from each pair was being donated to a charity for Earth Day!

Last week I also ordered a small bum genius diaper and babylegs from Kelly’s Closet, they had coupons where you got the diaper free with a $10 purchase, and both of those are going to Matt’s buddy’s baby shower this weekend. Want to see the gift basket? I know you do! It’s a little sideways, sorry. The diaper is in the very front, it’s grasshopper green and SO tiny!

This just in, I JUST WON!! A $10 gift certificate to Otter Blotters. Yes, seriously at 11 pm!


  1. note: make that 10 snap dipes, plus the otter blotter, which is aplix with snaps over it (so no pully-tuggy), and whatever I buy from snooty booty! ahhhh!!! Let the fluffy mail begin!

  2. That doesn’t count the piggy paint I won a couple of weeks ago, gift cert for $15 if anyone has any ideas as to what colors I should get for Keeley, I’d be much obliged, also they are doing a 2 hour special code for the orders on April 30th so that should help me get maybe another polish for her, depending on the price. Go to piggypaint.com if you want to see what they have and make a recommendation!

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Good heavens, sounds like Keeley may have more diapers than clothes! Good thing just diapers are great for summer!

    I painted Lauren’s piggies for the first time this week. She LOVES her pink toenails, and they match mine, so that’s a bonus to her. I have to admit, they are pretty darn cute. My favs on the website are Project Earth:LOL, Girls Rule, and Ice Cream Dream. Used to do fun colors on my own toenails, but stick with shades of red and pink now. But little girls would be super cute in the blue shades.

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