Fun Monday: A short laundry post

Hi everyone! We’ve been working on our house and not getting a whole lot else accomplished, so I’ll leave you with a pic and a short bit and let you check out the recent housing and baby posts (should you wish to!-just scroll down, LOTS of pictures with few words)..

Right now in our rental, we have a stacked machine, with the dryer on top. It’s not very handy.  It’s really hard to get my clothes in and out of it. In a few days, we’ll be back to using our ‘old’ washer and dryer, purchased in 2002. Please pray that after sitting unused for over a year, that they still work. Please?

Most of my laundry practically does itself. I wash towels every couple of days, doing the sheets about every other week, Keeley’s clothes get washed once a week or so, as do ours, because we only have a few items apiece, and of course, then there is our diaper laundry. It is probably the most reliably done item that we have. It at least gets washed, separated and dried. Sometimes after that it sits until needed (LOL) but it certainly is the most useful and colorful bits that we have.  I took a pic last week or two, when I took my diaper covers out in the sunshine to dry. I’m also adding a pic of a new dipe I got for free by turning in a video promoting one of my same style diapers. It’s red. YEAH red!

"Line" dry

Firecracker red! So pretty!


  1. I always wondered how the stacked w/d worked in reality. Don’t think I’ll spring for one anytime soon! I actually love the w/d that my aunt has in England. One machine that does both – and it’s under the kitchen counter like a dishwasher.

    I used to line-dry clothes. They always smelled so fresh and I kind of liked the way they felt – but the pollen has gotten so bad around here that you’d have to re-wash the clothes after line-drying them!

  2. Fortunately I don’t have to do a lot of laundry, we are only the two of us. It doesn’t bother me to push on the button, lol ! but it’s a pity that it doesn’t go in the drawers and wardrobes from alone !

  3. Thanks for playing along, today. Diapers have certainly changed over the years. I’m glad to see you’re using cloth. So much better, in so many ways.

  4. The stack washer n dryer are very popular in small spaces. I bet you will be gald to get your full size individual ones back. Your house is really coming along nice..and its so cute…lots of charm. Looks like Keely had a fun Easter.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated. I remember the stack washer/dryer when I was in college. I hated it as bad as I do any other kind of washer and dryer. LOL I need a maid ROFLMAO!!! Excellent pictures and the photos of the kids are wonderful. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday 🙂

  6. Okay, I am slow, but I finally figured out how to comment. I love your red cloth diaper. If your washer has been sitting, it will probably work. However, I believe there are some precautions to take. Where you bought the washer might have tips.

  7. Will you be purchasing new machines for your new house, or using the 2002 ones? Just wondering. That is just another added expense!!

    The corner shelf in my laundry room was purchased as part of a “closet system” from Lowes a few years back. It was left over from my closet organizer, so I used it in the laundry room.

  8. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Just a moment to comment, then have to go get a child out of the tub. Couldn’t help noticing those adorable knees on Keeley! Thanks for sharing them! I’ve looked at your other pics, too. It’s REALLY cool to watch how the house came together. Our house progress will be slower, and it’s so interesting to see how yours came together so quickly. Fun stuff!

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