Keeley’s first Easter basket, 2010

Easter 2010

Surprise face!

But I want to eat his ears before church!

Egg hunt Easter day

We brought Keeley’s 6 (empty) eggs for her cousins to hide for her, but my SIL had other plans. She filled about a dozen eggs and had her kids hide them. I think they had more fun watching her than she did finding them, but she did have a LOT of fun. We took some of the candy and left the rest to the obliging cousins, along with the eggs. Maybe next year we can host Easter at our house and have a big hunt, or maybe just do one for Keeley, who knows?

Doesn't taste like egg!

Oh THAT's what I do with it!

More surprised face!

THIS (above) is what I envisioned her egg hunt to be like, being surprised, picking up an egg, and then moving on!

"Oh look, a mud puddle!"

Mmm, tasty!

Oh, they OPEN!!!

Upon closer inspection...

Oh look, a ball!

Mud puddle butt!

With grandma and daddy, trying to get down into more mud!

Really long day

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