Sneak peek-March 23rd

Hey guys, I know I have been TERRIBLE about keeping up with the housing updates. Here is a sneak peek, I’m thinking of doing a slideshow to show the progress, but maybe this will tide you over until then, let’s just say that we have been VERY busy as of late.

The last time I wrote, the crane was broken. These were the pictures from that day. We got to see inside our living room and the stairway to go upstairs. At that point, I hadn’t seen our bathrooms, the upstairs, or the master bedroom.

I will say that so far, we’re pretty happy with what has happened, and even more determined to get out of our rental. Not only has she refused to fix anything that was broken (floor is cracked, door needs replacing, ants, mold), but she is harping on us about mowing the grass, which she NEVER toldĀ  us we had to do. We don’t have a mower yet and hadn’t planned on purchasing one for a while. Oh yeah, and she SOLD the house out from under us. She said we’d have several months if we needed them before she’d even list it for sale, and SURPRISE! we have until the 7th of May to get out of here. We are doing everything we can to get out, get our deposit back, and get our rent pro-rated back to us.

And that is a wakening baby, so I’ll post more later!

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  1. Hang in there Jill! Hopefully the house will be far enough along that you can camp out in it while everything gets finished. Never wracking though I’m sure to keep all the dominoes from tumbling.

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