Fun Monday: Spring Fling

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jan and she says: Hello my friends….this weeks challenge is all about Spring. Here is what I want you to do…..Take a photo of whatever represents Spring to You….and tell us why.

Short sleeves

Warm breezes

Greening-up grass

Pants optional-cutie in cloth

Mud puddle mayhem



  1. Yep..those are all sure signs of spring for sure…my how your baby girl is growing, she is a cutie. Thanks for playing Jill and happy FM

  2. Those are about the cutest signs of spring I’ve seen yet !
    What program do you use to “border” and “caption” your photos ?

  3. You’ll find that you embrace every season through your girl now! Summer will be paddling pools; fall will be playing in leaves; winter will be snow or Christmas trees or stockings by the fireplace.

  4. Lordy, I must go take a nap–am worn out just studying the photos of that little dynamo! She’s becoming a real little person, isn’t she? Not just skin baby. VERRY CUTE!

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