Fun Monday: Wildest Fantasies..

No, wait, Don’t adjust your computer screen! It’s not like that!

Sayre is the hostess for Fun Monday this week. She wants to know: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? What would you do with your time? Who would you live with? How would you get there? What accommodations would you be living with? Tell me about this life you have fantasized for yourself!

If I could live anywhere, it would be in my completed house, with all the amenities it currently has, and nothing would go wrong or break down, ever. I would live with my perfect husband and kids, and I supposed if my husband had anything to say about it, we’d have a helicopter so he could jet off to work. I’d be okay with my truck. I don’t think I would want anything different, not really. My life is pretty good. My wildest fantasies right now include a toddler who doesn’t scream because I won’t let her throw her glass across the house or call China on my cell phone. Sure, I’d love to win the lottery, but it wouldn’t change, much, anyway. My needs are pretty simple. My life is pretty simple. It’s all about grass stains and flutterbyes.


  1. I must be living your fantasy… my toddler quit screaming quite a while ago. Of course now he’s a pre-pubscent boy with mood swings. Which is why MY fantasy life starts after he’s successfully raised and doing his own thing!

    Your dream is nearly here! I’m so excited for you!

  2. What? No calls to China? Mean momma!!! That reminds me. I’ve been seeing the previews of “Babies” in our local theaters which documents the first year of four babies–one in San Franscisco, Japan, Namiba, and Mongolia. It’s going to be very cute and entertaining as well as educational. Very different approaches to childrearing.

    You’ll be in your dream house before you know it Jill.

  3. It’s fun to read all these post ! most of us, have real very modest dreams and don’t want to change their lives a lot. Maybe one day your hubby can have his helicopter !

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