Spring flowers…

With all the rain we have had, it is time to start thinking about flowers. Two weekends ago, when we borrowed my dad’s tractor to mow, he also tilled a spot for a garden. The big problem they ran into was ice, about 3 inches into the soil! Yikes! The rest was mushy from all the rain, but ice! I never asked, but I hope it did not hurt the tines on the tiller any.

My mom always has a big garden. She plants all kinds of things, and really, she tends to plant different things in different years, and there are good years and bad. She always has flowers though, and tends to plant zinnias in the garden, for my dad. They are a later blooming flower, and attract a lot of bees, which is good for pollination! We will probably start with peppers, tomatoes, and perhaps potatoes this year. Simple things that need water, but not much care.

All these things make me think of the type of flowers that I’ve love to have at our new place. Yeah! The ground is warming up and pretty soon the frost will quit sneaking in at night. One thing I had never considered before is window boxes. However, since our house will be very plain (white with black shutters), it would probably look good with some color spilling out of the house, as if the house itself was blooming! Other things I would love to do include planting pre-sprouted bulbs this spring, a couple of hanging planters from our porch, and getting some marigolds in to ward off the bugs! I have a lot of favorite flowers, and I’m excited to see what we can landscape out of our home in the woods! Please feel free to tell you me your favorite flowers so I can start planning! I would really love advice about ‘stacking’ spring and summer blossoms so I have areas that bloom all year long!

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  1. Getting caught up on reading your blog. Looks like some progress is being made on the house!!!

    You will be busy this Spring planting and preaparing your garden and home! Have fun!

  2. Isn’t spring just the best for making you want to dig in the dirt? You’re far ahead of us in timelines but what a great time you’ll have putting in gardens at your new home. How exciting! Enjoy every dirt-covered second!

  3. I enthusiastically recommend bulbs. You put them in the ground. Then you ignore them. And they just come back over and over.
    Now the experts tell you all kinds of things about splitting them and moving them and all that…. but I ignore the experts.
    And I have bulbs every year. They’re beautiful and my favorite thing about spring.

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