March 11, meet the neighbors edition

First of all, the neighbors at our rental house are either ignoring us, or have introduced themselves and are friendly. Awesome.

After meeting 2 of our closest neighbors at the property, I was inspired to say “Thank you God for giving me such sucky neighbors at our apartment, so we could have such awesome neighbors for our permanent home”…

D&D live past us, on around the corner. He does tree cutting and she works in health care. They have 3 kids aged 13-8. The dude seems like someone Matt could get along with and have a good time with. I am reserving judgment on the lady, she was in a hurry to go while we were doing what we were doing, but she talked to me like I was worthy (which a lot of working women don’t), but friendly enough. There is a big BUT and it is a good but! The guy offered to let us use his equipment (I’ll save you the logistics and say tractor) to help get any further trucks unstuck should it happen again. Drove it right down there, putt putt putt, showed Matt how to use it and off they went. So cool!

Then we met the people up on the hill. We interrupted their dinner (oops), but it was important. They are G&D (I think) and have a daughter older than us (granddaughter is a teen and sometimes stays with them when the dude is gone to keep grandma company–aww!).. anyway, they said, anything we needed, any tools or whatever, it was cool with them, they were excited to have new people moving in, just let them know.

So we posed the question, because of the wetness of the ground (did I mention that it has been raining here? Ugh) the people that drove the first part of the house in, wanted to drop off the second piece the next day, and they wanted to put it ON the neighbors property, so they didn’t sink into the ground.

You know what? They said, that’s fine, whatever you need, do I need to move my truck sitting there? Etc.

And it was a really good thing…

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