Hold onto your hats

There’s big news afloat, literally. It’s raining here…

Alright, so we moved into the landlady’s ‘house’. Its’ small, but nice enough. No one bothers us, the neighbors we have met are overly friendly or friendly enough, depending on their ages. The older folks are more friendly.

We have all slept wonderfully, and we are getting used to having our own place to call ‘temporary home’. Keeley loves it here, especially the rocks and mud puddle in the driveway! We have ‘sniffed’ flowers (weeds), felt the potted trees and big tree (bark), and smelled wild onion or garlic pods growing in the yard. We have compared rocks and run in circles. Her shoes just got out of the dryer from the 2nd mud puddle incident.

We moved VERY little into the house, so I am getting used to cooking with, well just the very basics! We only have a few clothes, and it’s a bit freeing to just pick one of the 7 or 8 shirts in the closet and move on. There have been some sticky things, a toilet that was running (she couldn’t hear it), washing machine throws water out during small loads, and the sink sprayer doesn’t work, but overall, okay with us!

There is more! Oh yes! There is more!

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Well, don’t leave us in suspense! What else is there????

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the freedom of a house, even though there are some things not going right with it. Soon you’ll be out of there. Thanks for sending along the pictures. Looks great! Keep the pics of the progress coming!!

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