I don’t get it

There were kids in our class, that never would talk to certain other kids. It was like they were ‘less’. And yet on facebook, they are ‘best buds’ and posting I Love you and things. Granted, apparently this young lady lost her mother, but they wouldn’t have spoken in high school and they’re acting all best friendy. I find that SO ODD. I wonder if it’s all just the same old crud?

I know it’s been a lot of time, but, whatever I guess. Maybe that’s what being in a small town is all about. I even posted that my grandmother passed on facebook and got about 10 responses total, and none of them were my classmates, just my college friends and blogging friends. Go figure.

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  1. Valerie

    Found it strange as well. I’m like “really? were they really that good of friends? really?” Hmm…

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