Fluff the Bum Cloth Diaper Event

You know you want to know about the latest giveaway starting in April, so click here! Check out the green button on the sidelines as well, will give you some more details (also opens the blog link in a new window!)

Eco-Cheap mom is hosting a giveaway starting April 1st. So far she has 22 vendors/giveaways signed up with diapers, wetbags and other diaper accessories in the line up for giveaways.

The fun part, I mean the REALLY nice part is that she is ONLY going to be giving away diapers that are MOST like disposables. The ones that are easy to use and won’t make you cry in frustration due to the learning curve!

So come on my DD baby-packing readers, get on the bandwagon and join some of these giveaways, you bet I will be entering! Oh, and if you blog and plan on entering some of these, a post on your own page will net you an extra 10 entries per giveaway. Oh yeah!

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